Installation & performance

27 May—23 June 2017

*As part of the graduation show Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Opening, closing and irregular days within the show period

1000—1700 (No interval)

Gallery I, Art Museum, CUHK

This performance installation foregrounds the backstage and preparation of/for Jyut Kek performance in a corner of the museum. The work consists of two parts: installation and performance.

A backstage of bamboo theatre was constructed, framing the space for performance. The performances took place in the opening and closing of the exhibition, as well as a few days in-between. For each day of the performance, I put on and removed Jyut Kek makeup continuously for seven hours (opening hours of the museum) with no intermission.

Conception of work sprung from my personal experience in performing Jyut Kek, within which the perception of time alters. The lengthy duration of wearing makeup contrasted with fleeting moments of removing them. Through the iterative act of getting on and going offstage, preparation for Jyut Kek performance begins indefinitely, notwithstanding the attempt to cling on forgetfulness.

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