Jyut Kek-engendered performance art (JKPA) is a series of my artwork which examines the processual engagement with Jyut Kek 粵劇 (Cantonese Opera) and performance art from the perspective of a practitioner.

Being an art and Jyut Kek practitioner for a decade, I have developed curiosity in the reciprocally-engendered sensitivity brought by the exposure to both art forms. Considering that Jyut Kek and performance art are unbound by discipline*, I propose to render the transdisciplinary nature of JKPA into an engendering process, thereby foregrounding the confluence between Jyut Kek and performance art through the following aspects: aesthetic-temporal (time), the empty stage (space), the performing body in iteration (body), and the monologue (participation).

* Jyut Kek is a form of art, as compared to a genre of performing arts. Comparably, performance art questions the move to perform fundamentally, so as to shatter and re-establish what constitutes ‘performance’. 

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