Daily practice sessions

5—18 July 2021 (except 9 July)

Multiple times per day at irregular hours with variable duration

L0 Gallery, JCCAC, Hong Kong

Reflections is part of my performance series which began in October 2020. Each performance responds to specific research questions on how to recontextualise Jyut Kek (Cantonese Opera) in contemporary Hong Kong. This particular practice asks: How do performers reflect on their contemporary performances?

The idea to exteriorise the reflective process stems from the impossibility to look at oneself as a performer. Reflections begins with my previous performance titled The Performance is About to Begin: a three-hour live-streamed performance in Tai Kwun, where I put on Jyut Kek makeup accumulatively while chanting the title statement.

In the practice sessions, writings on the reMarkable paper tablet were projected live on the wall, in parallel to writings on paper. Written traces were reviewed/ reinterpreted/ destroyed/ transformed on a daily basis.

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